Kubernetes in 60 minutes

Cloud scaling in practical way

Posted by Marek Hudík on February 01, 2019

Kubernetes is leading open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications already adopted not only by startups, but also enterprises.

Deutsche Boerse is moving from own datacenters towards various cloud providers and adopting Agile development style. That brings new challenges and pushes to use automation in every stage of software lifecycle.

Michal Zerola and Adam Netočný will teach you basic knowledge about Kubernetes and show it to you in a live demo. You will learn basics, e. g. how to

  • configure environments
  • automatic scaling based on application load
  • automatic service start/stop
  • reduce deployment errors

Presentation: https://innovation-lab.cz/presentations/kubernetes-in-60-minutes/index.html

Presentation by Michal Zerola and Adam Netočný on 4. April 2018