Energy way to Agile

how to do an agile transformation

Posted by Pavel Popelka on January 22, 2019

We are Energy section which belongs to IT part of Deutsche Boerse IT.

Move whole IT to product organization gave Energy freedom to change faster. So on beginning of 2017 section management decided to transform into more “agile setup”.


On special organized offsite OpenSpace people were encouraged to bring ideas and thoughts. But it resulted in too many initial inputs for the change. How to give some structure, form and timeline to the change?

In this talk Pavel Popelka explains that all good changes include leadership, organization, product, delivery and execution.


People always think about changing delivery (adopting Scrum or Kanban) but “good” transformation should also include change of leadership, adapting of organization structure, move from projects to products and aligning execution practices with delivery.

In this talk can you find how this areas were impacted in case of Energy and in last part is how the steps went after each other.


Presentation by Pavel Popelka on 13. December 2018